Jun Qu

Investment Manager


Jun Qu is an Investment Manager at Main Sequence where he helps Australian scientists and entrepreneurs create, build, and scale the next generation of deep tech companies that will change the world.  Jun works across all six challenge areas but focuses on the “Supercharge Industrial Productivity” and “Bridge the Gap to Space” themes. He also sits as a board observer for Emesent, Presien, Quasar and RIOS Intelligent Machines. 

Prior to joining Main Sequence, Jun began his career as an engineer at the Altona Refinery in Melbourne, gaining first-hand experience in industrial operations in the energy industry. He then joined McKinsey in San Francisco where he primarily served energy and manufacturing clients on strategy, operations and digital transformation engagements. In early 2021, he was selected to join McKinsey’s internal tech incubator and investment group, McKinsey Launch, as a Portfolio Manager where he led investment and product development efforts for client-facing tech solutions across GEM (Global Energy and Materials), operations and sustainability. 

Passionate about coaching and community, Jun currently serves as a mentor at Cicada Innovations, CSIRO ON, and INCUBATE.  He was previously a committee member of the Australian Institute of Energy, the Engineers Without Borders - Engineering on Country program, and also founded the Melbourne Energy Network, a not-for-profit community organisation focused on the Australian energy landscape.

Jun holds a Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science and Chemical Engineering from Monash University, and an MBA from Stanford University.

When he isn’t working with deep-tech founders, Jun can most often be found juggling his passions for bouldering, golf and tennis. He lives in Sydney with his wife Sue Yean, who wonders all the time when Jun will finally realise he is no good at sports.



Jun Qu