Unreasonable inventors.
Impossible challenges

It takes an unreasonable belief to achieve the impossible. This is what we invest in and create at Main Sequence

Unreasonable Inventors

Story of industries and challenges with the people that make it happen.

Let’s create the future we want

CSIRO and Main Sequence are proud to be supporting SXSW Sydney in October.

Connecting the world’s most awe-inspiring thinkers, creators and innovators, SXSW Sydney will showcase diverse topics, people and free-roaming ideas across music, screen, gaming, technology, innovation and culture over seven days in October.

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Six Challenges

We love companies that solve one or more of these challenge areas. Explore each one below and get to know some of the companies we have already backed.

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July 2, 2024
Bringing Deep Tech Down to Earth
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Martin Duursma
March 18, 2024
Welcome, Elaine