Bringing Deep Tech Down to Earth

Emerald Scofield
July 2, 2024

Australia’s tech scene is celebrated for its most famous unicorns but — thanks to a network of early believers — deep tech is bringing solutions for complex problems to market across industries spanning space, fashion, robotics, food and more. 

Australia shows tremendous promise to solve global challenges from climate repair to connectivity and healthcare, and Main Sequence is committed — long term — to ensuring these opportunities succeed. 

But the problems that deep tech intends to solve are no small feat, therefore we need a community of believers to support this journey. 

Building the next gen of technology

‘Deep tech’ has a bit of a branding problem. No matter who you ask, you are likely to get a different definition of what deep tech is. At Main Sequence, we are working to ensure our definition of deep tech is as clear, visible and inclusive as possible. 

Many founders aren’t aware of how incorporating deep tech could transform and scale their business. If you aren’t deep tech, considering how deep tech could change your horizon is where the ‘lightbulb’ moment can happen.

Beyond robots and quantum, for Main Sequence, deep tech is about tackling complicated problems with solutions originating from science and engineering. This could include the fundamental research behind solar energy and the algorithms powering artificial intelligence but it also encompasses regenerative agricultural practices and sustainable solutions for the fashion industry. 

Under the Venture Science model, we are combining the mindset and tactics of venturing with the problem-solving depth of science to scale innovations that make our world cleaner, safer, healthier, more efficient, and enable more equitable access.

In our experience, deep tech isn’t just for researchers. While research is a critical part, all deep tech companies need the right blend of expertise — from business acumen to legal expertise and creative support — to bring a vision to life.

Could you be a deep tech founder?

Australia’s world-class research institutions churn out brilliant minds. Our growing number of world-class innovations, and deep tech startups is a testament to this fact. But beyond great R&D capability, it takes immense belief to commercialise deep tech opportunities.

Through events, office hours and broader networks, we often meet or hear of incredible people doing important work. We would love to connect the dots, matching these fantastic people with groundbreaking research that could supercharge the scale to which their work could have an impact.  Every planetary problem has the seed of a solution buried in a lab or on a desk somewhere in Australia, and we need to extract these into the real world. 

Not all researchers want to lead these companies, but great science needs commercial minds. Other founders may not know where to start to bring deep tech into their company, we can help build those bridges.

You may not consider yourself a deep tech expert, but if you have a high learning velocity, insatiable curiosity, and an execution-focused mindset, you could have a serious impact on the world through deep tech.

Jump into the slipstream 

Building a successful deep tech company is not only capital intensive, it requires community. 

We believe in fostering a collaborative environment where founders, researchers, and investors can connect and support each other. This spirit is crucial for nurturing the next generation of deep tech startups and ensuring they have the resources and guidance they need to thrive.

It’s why Main Sequence is on board at Cicada Innovation’s Tech 23 again this year to celebrate, and continue building, our ecosystem. 

The day will be filled with rich discussions created through keynote speakers, plenary discussions, storytelling, and connectivity, in a room filled with big thinkers and innovators. 

If you’re curious or ready to dive into deep tech, join us on the ground to explore the systems, technologies and entrepreneurs working to secure our future. 

It’s a hot ticket, so if you can’t be there we’d love to connect with you. If you're interested in learning more about how you could be involved in joining or founding a deep tech startup, reach out for a chat here

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