A repeatable way to grow the next generation of impactful companies with science at the core.

What is Venture Science?

Venture Science combines the mindset and tactics of venturing with the problem-solving depth of science to make giant leaps of progress.

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Companies we've built with Venture Science

Eden Brew
Quasar Satellite Technology
Samsara Eco

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Our latest thinking

About Venture Science


In Venture Science we:

  • Start with a market 'pull' - planetary tail winds that need a new company to exist.
  • Assemble a founding team who deliver advantage from the start.
  • Operate around deliberate leaps of proof and value.
  • Operationalise a founder mindset.


Science-driven companies are complex

Where some companies can be built with a laptop, a cloud account and hard work, deep tech companies need more than any one entity can readily deliver. Venture Science brings what is needed together at the start.

So what? Startups can get stuck in the early years while they gather the required resources. This increases the chance of failure whilst outwardly displaying slow velocity.

Science-driven timelines are longer

Inventing a quantum computer or another way to produce energy require more cycles to get to proof. Venture Science intends to speed up the pathway to scale.

So what? Venture funds have a 10 year time horizon that can’t wait for returns to take longer. It is also possible for startups to get stuck in a period of multiple dilutive rounds while not growing in value. 

Science-driven companies can be hard to understand

Describing the value proposition of a science-driven company is complex and made harder by the technical way that  researchers naturally communicate. Venture Science builds the 'packaging' around the science.

So what? It is hard to build a community of employees, investors and customers around the business who will help deliver the value uplift.

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