Bill Bartee

Managing Partner


Bill is the co-founder and managing partner of Main Sequence. With a strong company building background and belief that disruptive solutions combined with founder talent, patient capital, and deep networks can lead to a better world, he assists unreasonable thinkers build game-changing companies that do good. Bill has led early-stage investments in a number of market leaders including Culture Amp, SEEK, Altium, Q-CTRL, Pending.AI, Looksmart, Autopilot, Baraja, Prospection, and dozens more.

Bill is a prominent voice in the Australian startup ecosystem, founding a number of companies and helping start several investment firms. Prior to Main Sequence, he co-founded Blackbird Ventures where he was one of three general partners and an investment committee member. Blackbird’s first fund, which invests in every type of technology from software to space, is among the top one percent globally for its vintage.

His interests are broadly in breakthrough, science-based ideas that leapfrog today's solutions and he’s most excited about opportunities in quantum technologies, healthcare, AI, chemistry, and synthetic biology where rapid progress is being made.

Over the past two decades, Bill has served as a chair person or board member for a number of high-performing startups including Prospection, Quintessence Labs, Morse Micro, Accelo, Autopilot, StartupAUS, Shoes of Prey, Altium, SEEK, and Kapiche, among others. He earned a Bachelor of Science and Master of Business Administration from Old Dominion University, and received a Juris Doctor from the University of Richmond School of Law.

When not assisting founders, Bill loves to build things and tries to stay fit through his mediocre swimming and pathetic running activities.



Bill Bartee
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