Bill Bartee

Managing Partner


I co-founded Main Sequence Ventures to help unreasonable thinkers build game changing companies that do good. I currently serve as Managing Director. Our mission is to support those scientists and entrepreneurs who are taking the long shots. We believe that disruptive solutions combined with patient capital, knowledge, deep networks, and founder talent leads to a better world. All our work is in service to our founders and their ideas. In short, we're convinced that the combination of science, leadership, engineering, and entrepreneurship wins.

Prior to Main Sequence, I founded a number of companies and helped start a few investment firms. Most recently, I co-founded Blackbird Ventures where I was one of three General Partners and an Investment Committee member. Its first fund is among the top 1% globally for its vintage. Key market leaders I have led early stage investments in include Altium, Seek, Rome2Rio, Looksmart, Autopilot, Baraja, Q-CTRL, Culture Amp, and dozens more.

My interests broadly are in breakthrough, science based ideas that leapfrog today's solutions. I am currently excited about opportunities in quantum technologies, healthcare, AI, chemistry, and synthetic biology where rapid progress is being made.