Martin Duursma



Martin Duursma is a partner at Main Sequence bringing more than 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur, technologist and business leader. Since joining Main Sequence in 2017, he has led the firm’s investments and sits on the board of companies such as Myriota, Advanced Navigation, Quasar, Endua and MGA Thermal to advance the “Bridge the Gap to Space” and “Decarbonise the Planet” challenge areas. Passionate about bringing game-changing technology to market, Martin is a “full-stack” investor with a deep understanding of how products are conceived, built and manufactured.

Prior to joining Main Sequence, Martin was a senior executive with a range of global responsibilities at Citrix where he started the company's research arm, Citrix Labs, and started and led the CTO Council and Citrix Accelerator.  As VP and head of the Global Technology Office, Martin led due diligence in over 60 transactions totalling $2.5B in value. 

He is also an angel investor and mentor, previously serving as an advisory council member for Macquarie University and the INCUBATE Startup Program. He’s sat on the board of several institutions including as a committee member for the active policy advisory board at Global Access Partners and as a board trustee of the Computer History Museum. Martin also continues to be an active mentor in ON, CSIRO's national deep tech accelerator program.

Martin holds a BE, BSc in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from the University of Sydney.

When not investing in new companies, Martin is an active motorsport competitor.