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Welcoming an “OG” to MSV

Martin Duursma
March 18, 2024

What does it take to be a great deep tech venture investor? No university degree and very few work experiences can develop a palate for deep tech venturing on their own. Those pulled towards using science to solve impossible challenges at scale explore a strange blend of different paths, and Elaine Stead is one of those people. 

She is a scientist, entrepreneur, and an experienced VC in the Australian ecosystem. She has advised governments and been resident at universities, exploring ways to bring science-based solutions to the world.

In this history lies thousands of conversations with the different people and communities of the deep-tech startup world. These groups speak different languages and think differently but, in common,  they all take enormous risks in their careers to build something hard that no one else has dared to try. That’s why we need people we trust like Elaine, who have been an early explorer in this often frightening world. As someone who has been there, her stories bring the confidence to try that new idea, leave that comfortable job, speak to that politician and question that cliche.  Elaine has become a go-to for many of us.

For all these reasons, we are very proud to welcome Elaine to Main Sequence as the newest member of our 13-person investment team. 

In 2017, we set out to build a new kind of venture fund that is custom built for deep tech founders. We’re excited to have Elaine by our side to continue this work. 

Elaine will operate out of Adelaide, expanding our existing national support of deep tech founders from Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne. 

As it is with each investor at MSV, we encourage you to get to know Elaine to see how she might help you bring your ideas to life. Get to know her through her writing, and reach out when you are ready.

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