Our investment in Diraq: A step closer to reaching fault-tolerant applications

Alejandra Romero
June 25, 2024

Why Now?

Quantum computing promises to revolutionise many industries, including materials science, chemistry, financial services, cryptography, and artificial intelligence. 

In simple terms, it leverages a fundamentally different method of computation, enabling us to solve complex problems that are currently impossible with classical computers.

By harnessing subatomic particles, quantum computers can go far beyond the 1s and 0s of binary computers to exponentially increase the potential computing power, turning what might take months or years with a computer today, into seconds in quantum computing.

Despite its immense potential, the journey to practical quantum computing is complex, with a few hurdles to overcome.

One of the main questions everyone has is: which architecture will advance the fastest and best address specific tasks? Which architecture will win? And “to win” in this context, means to control your qubits at scale. This question has historically given us pause from investing in a full-stack quantum computer company. Larger players with more substantial funds and R&D resources have dominated the sector, making it difficult for smaller companies to compete. But everyone can agree on one thing, the landscape is shifting.

We all know that errors are the Achilles' heel of quantum computing. While we don’t expect an error-free quantum computer for at least 7 years, researchers have made significant progress in error suppression and mitigation techniques. These advancements will enhance the usability of quantum computers in solving real-world problems. 

Simultaneously we are seeing companies launch bigger machines with more capability. Importantly, these machines, while not yet at commercial performance, are being heavily used by customers seeking to understand how quantum will affect their businesses, and how they can solve problems faster and cheaper.

Why Diraq?

Diraq, a pioneer of spin qubits in the quantum computing space, presents a compelling opportunity for several reasons:

Ground-breaking technology and scalability: Diraq’s core technology is based on an innovative silicon design that can hold billions of qubits on a single chip. This approach offers significant scalability advantages, operating at higher temperatures and using proven chip fabrication processes that makes the path to commercialisation more viable. Diraq's technology is well-positioned to encounter fewer challenges during the scale-up phase.

Proven commercialisation and production pathway: Diraq has signed an initial agreement with Global Foundries to produce a sample of Diraq’s hybrid chips, containing both quantum and classic processors. The construction uses industry-standard manufacturing processes, enabling Diraq to manufacture quantum chips designed to operate at 99.9% accuracy without custom hardware.

Leadership and expertise: Diraq is led by Andrew Dzurak, a world-leading expert in spin qubits and quantum computing technology. Spin qubits are a smart approach to constructing qubits while also using off-the-shelf components to address scalability issues, one of the major barriers to quantum computer usability.

Cost-effectiveness and efficiency: Diraq’s qubits are the smallest among all technologies, with quantum dots less than 30nm. This means billions of qubits can be fabricated on a single chip, utilizing the repeatability, finesse, and cost-effectiveness of the modern transistor industry. 

Market and industry recognition: Diraq is well-regarded internationally, by both investors and industry partners who understand its potential to significantly impact the quantum computing landscape. Expert quantum firms like Quantonation have also invested in Diraq, showing credibility of its opportunity. 

Supporting a booming Australian ecosystem

Australia is a quantum nation. With the National Quantum Strategy setting a long-term vision for how Australia can take advantage of the opportunities of quantum, we believe now is the right moment to invest in the space. By investing in companies like Diraq, we continue supporting and strongly believe that this technological revolution has enormous upside potential. Our commitment is to help foster the quantum ecosystem that is supercharged by having the best R&D and support infrastructure here in Australia.

Investing in Diraq is not just a financial decision; it is a strategic move to shape the future of computation for Australia and the world. Our support will help accelerate Diraq's development, enabling the fabrication of its first foundry devices and furthering its technological advancements. We cannot wait to see the future.

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