Main Sequence announces new Partner, Gabrielle Munzer, to build companies with biology

September 19, 2022

MELBOURNE — 19 September 2022 - Main Sequence, Australia’s deep tech investment fund founded by CSIRO, has today announced the promotion of Gabrielle Munzer to Partner. Gabrielle, who came to Main Sequence as a Senior Associate in 2019, joins the five founding Partners to lead the firm’s renewed focus on bringing biotechnology (biotech) research to scale.

Since joining the firm, Gabrielle has been a vital part of the Fund’s “Feed 10 Billion People” and “Decarbonise the Planet” investment challenges, including the creation of whole new companies such as infinite plastic recycling company, Samsara Eco, and animal-free dairy company, Eden Brew. She collaborated this year with UNSW to create Australia’s first biotech accelerator program, SynBio 10x, which is focused on helping companies accelerate their biotech or synthetic biology (SynBio) product development and commercialisation. 

Main Sequence Founding Partner, Phil Morle said, “Biology and nature’s smallest elements have formed the foundation of many leading innovations, for example, the insulin that is used for treating diabetes. Today, we’re only scratching the surface of the possibilities biotech and SynBio offer. Gabrielle is an important voice inside Main Sequence, pushing the boundaries and unearthing the next generation of breakthrough inventions.

“She brings a unique perspective based on years of helping to inspire leaders and build companies that challenge the way we think about alleviating the world from human damage.”

Main Sequence’s Fund II saw the fruits of the firm’s unique Venture Science model realised, giving birth to Quasar Satellite Technologies, Endua, Eden Brew, and Samsara Eco. The approach designs companies by first identifying a significant world challenge, and then assembling a research team to tackle it. While the firm will continue to solve the world’s biggest challenges through Venture Science in its forthcoming Fund III, there will be a continued focus on solutions built with biology to drive this.

Gabrielle’s promotion underscores that focus in response to the momentum that is building in the Australian research system around this field. Fuelled by a pull from industry, CSIRO forecasts that SynBio-enabled solutions have the potential to be globally transformative, and position Australia for a $27 billion opportunity that can unlock 44 thousand new jobs by 2040. 

“Gabrielle is a true champion of Australia’s budding biotech industry. She is deeply committed to working side-by-side with companies to build winning teams, driving biotech innovation, providing advice on brand messaging and initiating meaningful conversations with investors and stakeholders to help unlock new growth opportunities,” says Paul Riley, CEO and Founder of Samsara Eco.

Main Sequence is also working to address diversity in venture capital and create a fairer startup ecosystem. Three of Main Sequence’s most recent hires have been women, including Senior Associate Alezeia Brown and Investment Analyst Danielle Haj Moussa. This also includes hiring those from wonderfully diverse backgrounds outside of venture capital, such as Senior Associate Jun Qu, who started in engineering and brings experience in clinical drug testing at CSIRO.

Main Sequence Managing Partner, Bill Bartee said, “We’re thrilled that Gabrielle has earned her Partnership at Main Sequence. Her contributions and excellent work with founders is outstanding. We value her views and her contributions to Main Sequence’s success. In short, Gabrielle makes our entire team stronger and that is why we wanted her to absolutely be part of our leadership.”

Heading into the next Fund, Gabrielle will continue to build up the Main Sequence practice in Victoria. “We are a national deep tech venture fund and that means we need to be on the ground with the people inventing the future. We are excited that Gabrielle will lead our Victorian expansion and build strength in our collaborations there.”

Gabrielle also brings 20 years of financial markets experience to Main Sequence, having worked at Challenger in Australia and Morgan Stanley and ABN AMRO in London. She earned her Bachelor of Science in International Securities, Investment and Banking from the University of Reading and received a Master of Business Administration from INSEAD. In between earning her Bachelor’s and MBA, she also completed a fellowship program for Leadership in Sustainable Development from LEAD.

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