Jen Baxter

Head of Operations


Jen Baxter is the Head of Operations at Main Sequence where she helped design and build CSIRO’s  innovation funds. She is responsible for multi-tiered stakeholder engagement, managing relationships with CSIRO, investors, researchers and other industry partners to deliver quality project outcomes. Since joining Main Sequence in 2021, she has helped the venture capital firm identify and onboard investors and mitigate risks for the fund’s portfolio of brands

As well  joining Main Sequence, Jen continues to work for CSIRO, where she has spent over 20 years in various executive officer roles, leading  stakeholder engagement, change management, issues engagement and project management. Before focussing on Main Sequence, Jen’s focus was in the environment and energy sectors of CSIRO.  She was charged with negotiating in a matrixed research and development environment and developing infrastructure plans and projects.

Jen holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Ecology from the University of Queensland and an Honours Degree in Botany/Ecology from the Australian National University. She also earned her Master of Management with a focus on innovation and entrepreneurship from the ANU College of Business and Economics.


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