Stella Xu

Senior Associate


Stella is a problem-solver, a translator and a connector. Coming from a science background, Stella is curious about finding new elegant solutions to the currently unsolvable problems. She is passionate about bridging the gap between the research in the lab and the applications in the commercial world. She enjoys spending time with scientists, founders and startup team members. Prior to joining Main Sequence, Stella was one of the early Australia team members of The Trade Desk, a high-growth Nasdaq listed startup with a 30B+ market cap. In 2019, Stella was named in the tech category of the 30 under 30 awards by media authority B&T. She holds a B.S. Mathematics from Australian National University.

Focus and Interest

Stella is working with several Main Sequence portfolio companies under the Enable the Next Intelligence Leap, Supercharge Industrial Productivity and Reach Humanity Scale Healthcare challenges. She has a broad investment interest in the AI, healthcare and sustainability space.