Sustainable Development Goals

12 - Responsible Consumption and Production
13 - Climate Action
14 - Life Below Water


Decarbonise the Planet


Stella Xu
Stella Xu
Phil Morle
Phil Morle


Company Briefing

ULUU replaces plastic with a new biomaterial that’s incredible for our oceans and climate.
Our first mission is to revive the fashion industry by replacing fossil plastics like polyester & nylon in textiles.
ULUU fights global warming because its production process sequesters carbon.
It’s also biodegradable – so it won’t harm our environment or the creatures living in it.
And, it’s made from seaweed – an amazing renewable resource, which cleans up our oceans and promotes marine biodiversity, yet doesn’t displace precious farmland.
The more ULUU is produced, the better it is for the world!